Pond Construction In Brentwood

This New Pond Construction project was completed for your neighbors in Brentwood.  There is a lot that goes into the process of creating your tropical environment and here we take you through the process.  From the design to the digging to having the rebar in place to start.  There are also return lines and bottom drains installed.  You also see the column that will be holding a fountain too.  Come with us on a tour of what we love to create.

We got started with a bird’s eye view of the blueprints for the Koi Pond. At the center you can see where the fountain will be located. The dotted lines show the plumbing going from the pond to the filtration system area and back.  We used aerated bottom drains, skimmers, and a prefilter and energy efficient equipment to enjoy pristine and clear water year round.  Then you see our team prepping the site where the Koi Pond will be built. We're measuring and getting the right radiuses as the homeowner has envisioned their pond to be built. Next we'll start cutting the Spanish tile that will hug the pond raised walls. Then the hole has been dug.

Here we explain the process once the rebar was installed.

Here we show the shotcrete in process.

The next step includes the finishing touches.

And now the owners get to enjoy walking down the stairs to see their new pond.

Brentwood New Pond Construction
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