Calabasas is more than a quiet suburb located west of the San Fernando Valley; It is a hidden gem for residential living that has grown remarkably over the last few years in terms of reputation for luxury and privacy. This city has a lot to offer to those who visit it. An example is The Agoura Hills / Calabasas Community Center, with its peculiar Halloween Spooktacular, the West Coast Swing Dance Party, and the many social activities for all ages that take place there.

Other sites that attract visitors to the area are The King Gillette's Ranch, now part of California's beautiful Malibu Creek State Park, and the Malibu Hindu Temple, one of the largest temples of its kind on the West Coast, with magnificent architecture.

Learn more about this area by visiting the City of Calabasas website here.

On Golden Pond is a local Pond and Fountain specialist. We provide all forms of pond and fountain construction, remodeling, and maintenance.

The picture on top shows a Koi Pond for one of your Calabasas neighbors. We will feature this one-of-a-kind, Koi Pond, for this city due to its seamless complexity. We aided our customer through design, plans, and construction to create this masterpiece. This 8-foot-deep Koi Pond is adequate not only for keeping the fish safe from predators but for growing exceptionally large Koi, the kind of Koi you see at shows. Notice the natural stone combination to create this modern Koi Pond and the five sheer descent waterfalls that complement the feature wall. Imagine yourself arriving home after a challenging day and feel greeted by your finned pets, while seeping on a glass of wine, you feel the soothing sound of your waterfalls. You are home.

The image that follows is of a Koi Pond Construction for your same Calabasas neighbor, here you can see the high-end Koi and crystal-clear water, as well as the pond bottom that has already grown the thin green algae carpet that is so desirable in any living water ecosystem.

In the next two images, first, you will see this Calabasas Koi Pond water feature and then the Koi. The first showcases the intrinsic pattern that the natural stone forms, and the sheer descent waterfall creates a clean fall. Next is an image of some of the large Koi that inhabit this Koi Pond. Happy Koi for your enjoyment; many times, the larger the Koi, the more confident they become, and they can even be trained to eat from your hand.

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