Pond Remodel in Los Angeles

This Pond Remodel & Waterproofing project was completed for your neighbors in Los Angeles.  There is a lot that goes into the process of remodeling your tropical environment and here we take you through the process.

This is the finished pond and stream bed. Notice how natural the rock work looks, once the landscape goes in, it will soften and make the whole finished project look like it's always been there.  Come with us on a tour of what we love to create.


Preparation work was done on both the pond and stream bed. We then had to have drying time before the waterproofing goes in, using spray on liner polyurea being applied. While On Golden Pond offers a 10 year warranty, the waterproofing will usually last many more years after.

Here we show the filtration system we are going to replace.

Now the Prep Work has gotten started.

We have finished the Prep Work and things are shaping up nice.

Now we finishing with the Spray On Liner application.

And now the owners get to enjoy walking outside see their new remodeled and waterproofed pond.

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