Koi Pond Construction in Manhattan Beach

This KOI Pond Construction Build was completed for your neighbors in Manhattan Beach.  There is a lot that goes into the process of building a KOI Pond such as this.   We created a 13,000 Gallon Pond that wraps around a sunken fire pit area.

There is a landing stone pad and stairs leading into what feels like immersing into the pond while seating.  Come with us on a tour of what we love to create.

We begin with the concept picture and the foundation by a GC where our pond would be built.  It is our canvas where our art would be taking place.

New Koi Pond Pillars for Lanai Bridge in place

The pillars for the Lanai bridge are in place and forming is taking place too.

Core drilling took place and waterproofing was applied in the outer concrete wall to facilitate the transition of our plumbing from the trench to the equipment area 17ft below ground!  We ran all the plumbing and conduit pipe in this trench except for the 4" gravity flow pipe from the infinity edge. This trench brings the pipe work from the pond to the equipment area

We measure twice and cut once. This picture shows how big a pipe that is, and the collaborative work to make this pond beauty happen.

Measuring Pipe for New Koi Pond Construction
Koi Tunnel for New Pond Construction

The 18" "Koi Tunnel" is placed in position with custom made "liner friendly" fittings. Getting it ready for concrete!

Here we are performing a complete plumbing pressure test.

Pressure test for New Koi Pond Construction

Completed filtration system encased in a very compact area using the latest technology.  We care about the Koi to live a great life.

Filtration system for New Koi Pond

Main infinity edge tunnel ready for concrete using "liner friendly" fittings.  The tunnel is installed with 4" lines that lead to the surge tanks 100ft away via gravity.

Surface preparation for spray-on liner waterproofing's second application due to the intrinsic complexity of the tunnels and infinity edges.  You can see the connecting pipe for the "koi tunnel" which is for koi to swim back and forth already installed.

Surface Preparation for New Koi Pond
Pouring Concrete for Lanai Bridge of New Koi Pond

Here we are pouring the concrete for the lanai bridge that will be suspended over the water (deep end of the photo).

We then cut the tile and to get it ready to be installed in the firepit water line area.   That was followed with the tile installation for the "coping" work in progress.

Waterproofing and tile installation is done.  We are ready to fill up the pond!

Waterproofing for New Koi Pond completed

And now our clients can enjoy their Matured Koi pond showcasing the infinity edge bridge/stairs leading to the firepit area.

New Koi Pond completed in Manhattan Beach
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