Torrance is one of the ideal destinations for beach and fun in the sun. Surfing, swimming, and enjoying the beautiful promenade that has been recently remodeled are some of the attractions that this place offers. On the other hand, tourist trips are available to the popular Historical Society to learn about how this city was born. There is also a great diversity of cultural choices, among which the Museum of Fine Arts of California stands out with collections of artists worldwide.  Learn more about this area by visiting the City of Torrance website here.

On Golden Pond is a local Pond and Fountain specialist that provides pond and fountain construction, remodeling, and pond maintenance.

The picture on top shows a Koi Pond for one of your Torrance neighbors. This beautiful Koi Pond welcomes you as you discover all the intricacies of the full spectrum of color that the flowers provide; such, work together to frame the simple yet ever-moving Koi Pond. Notice the Koi swimming inline in the pond, while a white dog leisurely rests beside the pond. Most likely, the waterfall soothing sounds are responsible for this.

The image that follows is of a Fountain converted into a Water Garden Maintenance for another of your Torrance neighbors. Notice how the water lilies and water Hawthorne cover most of the surface of this immaculate and clean environment. This Water garden nestled in a manicured garden draws the eyes of its visitors towards the fun and playful water feature.

In the next two images, first, you will see a Torrance Koi Pond Remodel followed by a Torrance Koi Pond maintenance example. The first is comprised of three ponds connected and using the forces of gravity. They flow into the next pond. The water is filtered naturally through a gravel filter and returned on top via a water pump. This Koi Pond is now ready for some fish, and it currently houses water lilies and an alligator. Ok, it is not real, but that does not mean we haven’t been asked about adding gators to a pond.

Next is a Water Fountain kept organically. Do you notice the nice patina everywhere? Although not everyone likes this antique look, it sure makes life easier since additives or excessive brushing are unnecessary. The lady with the umbrella doesn’t seem to care.

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