Fountain Remodel

Fountain Remodel

We choose how we live our lives. Either we create an environment with minimum stress we can control or let small manageable tasks bury our free time.

Imagine this for a second, you go outside, and your fountain is making gurgling sounds again. But I just filled it up yesterday. You say as you throw your hands up in the air. Sound familiar?

Water features can potentially cost a lot in electricity bills, have unnecessary high voltage equipment underwater such as lighting, submersible pumps, etc. The plumbing is inadequate, the waterproofing used is no longer holding water, or the aesthetics are not what you’ve expected.

All of the above and then some we have seen. But not all is lost. We have taken water features ready to be filled with soil and frustrated homeowners to an opposite scenario.

The above picture depicts a pyramid fountain that was leaking into the garage area. Our team used spray-on liner technology to waterproof this water feature.

On the right, you can see a commercial water feature featuring Fiona, the happy hippo. Before we remodeled this pond, all three waterfalls were not functional due to plumbing problems and leaks, the pond coping was not level, and the aesthetics could be improved greatly. In addition, the bottom featured large rocks that would trap leaves, creating nutrients for algae and muck. The leaves were tough to remove.

And now, let’s take a look at Fiona’s New Pond, notice the waterfalls, new coping giving a natural feel to the pond, hidden plumbing, spray-on liner waterproofing, and rocks at the bottom completely cemented in, allowing no space for leaves to hide, while still providing the natural rock feel.

The picture on the left is a clear example of what we can do for you.

Here’s another view.

There’s no limit on what the restoration process can be. Your job is to imagine and dream. Ours is to make it a reality.

We’ll leave you with another example of a cascading water feature remodel recently done.

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