About Us

About Us

Samuel of On Golden Pond

We bring peaceful nature into your home. You wish and dream your Water Feature or Koi Pond and we put our Magic to work and make it happen for you.

Our company goes back to Samuel’s early childhood years and his fascination for water and aquatic creatures, he played with what he learned later on was mosquito larvae.

Fast forward, On Golden Pond’s founder finished his career in Aquaculture Engineering in the mid 90’s and ever since he’s worked in Public Aquariums including the Long Beach Aquarium and fish farms, as a government consultant, brine shrimp (artemia) breeder and even breeding endangered Brazilian Seahorses in a personal experimental project. He then settled in the Koi Pond business in 2003, which has grown steadily since. Samuel and his team work together to provide the best possible experience a client can have.


Our Team

Catalina Cassity_OnGoldenPond_CFO

Catalina Cassity


Very polite, amazing with numbers and highly efficient. These are some of her qualities. On her down time some of her hobbies include hiking, camping, going to the beach and outdoor activities with her family.

Alvaro of On Golden Pond

Alvaro Perez

Pond Construction and
Remodel Manager

He's very versatile with his hands. His varied background, artistic eye, and leadership roles are his strength when building or remodeling a pond. He can be found cooking a nice meal for friends and family or crafting a design to enhance his home.

Augusto of On Golden Pond

Augusto Paiz

Pond Maintenance Manager

His great attention to detail and husbandry and his ability to innovate show in his excellent workmanship. When he's off work, he enjoys the beach and hiking in the mountains or doing mechanic work on his car.

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