Pond Maintenance

Maintenance for KOI swimming in their pond surrounded by desert plants

Pond Maintenance

Feel how the stress washes off as the sound of the waterfall wraps around you, the koi rush to the surface to greet you. You lean over and feed your fish, and they devour all the food in a frenzy fashion. You’re home.

Koi ponds bring joy and entertainment, but they also require work. Some of us enjoy doing the work, but nowadays, most people don’t have enough time to devote to maintaining a healthy pond on a strict schedule. On Golden Pond has the expertise to work with you as much or as little as you wish, from design and construction to scheduled maintenance programs.

Pond service is scheduled once every week, once every two weeks, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly. It all depends on the type and size of the pond, the gallons of water it holds, fish density, plant life, etc.

Koi are no different from your furry pets, be it a dog or a cat, and you wouldn’t want your pet to be in a chemical-infused environment, neither do we; therefore, we don’t use any chemicals for maintaining our living ponds.

Since we’re confident in the level of our craftsmanship, we also offer 24/7 free emergency visits with most maintenance programs. Ask about it during our initial consultation.

You will see a residential koi pond with several curious Japanese koi with a beautiful waterfall in the backdrop surrounded by succulents in the picture on top. We installed the complete filtration system to ensure water clarity and quality. And the picture that follows, notice the center turtle island created for the pond turtles basking in the sun. Notice the beautiful purple blooms from the water hyacinths decorating the pond.

Annual clean-outs are indispensable for the health of your Koi and pond or water garden. This major clean-out consists of removing the fish in a very cautious manner to minimize stress and slowly acclimatizing them to a new environment outside the pond. Removing all the plants. Draining the pond. Washing out all the mud and muck from rocks and waterfalls, which house bacteria and parasites that cause the Koi illness. Cleaning the filtration system will reduce excessive biofilm and trapped debris. After this is completed, we rearrange the rock formations and water plants and re-acclimate the fish back into their new, clean environment.

On the left, you see a very clear and shallow goldfish pond built adjacent to the house with stepping stones leading into the living room.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of guy or gal, you may not need regular maintenance. But you will need a complete biannual or annual pond and filter cleaning. We recommend a Spring and Fall cleaning for the optimum health of the pond, plants, and Koi.

We show our youngest team member Samy, hand-feeding very friendly koi in a large Japanese Zen Koi pond in the two pictures above. Note the beautiful clear water we enjoy year-round due to our maintenance crews excelling at their jobs.

No two ponds are the same, and here you see a very nicely crafted water garden that features two urns used as fountains surrounded by Taro plants, water lilies, and horsetails. This water feature is maintained organically and without chemicals.

Pricing for Every Pond Owner

Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Pricing

Thorough pond cleanups*

Pond service*

Starting at


Starting at


/per month

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the state of your pond and your choice of maintenance. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique project after the at-home consultation.

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