Pond Remodel

Pond Remodeling

Pond Remodel

There’s a time when your pond needs a makeover. For example, the space is no longer sufficient for your koi, or the aesthetics need a revamp. We can help you with all of that, and we’ll be happy to recommend changes according to your needs.

A pond remodel or renovation includes any of the following, converting your pond from liner pond to a more long-lasting concrete pond, complete filtration system installation, waterfall and/or streambed addition, and overall aesthetics improvement.

In the picture on top, you will see one of our client’s Koi pond that was previously too small and shallow for the koi, and a leak was existent. On Golden Pond worked with the homeowner to expand it while keeping the same natural look, and we installed a new filtration system.

In the picture that follows, notice the beautiful streambed and waterfalls created by us. This Malibu pond was leaking profusely; therefore, all rockwork and coping were removed, properly waterproofed (20 yr warranty), and new coping, waterfalls, and streambed were put in place.

We offer different packages depending on your budget and how much you’d like to see your pond transformed. Usually, the ponds with less or easier maintenance cost more upfront to set up, while a pond with simpler filtration systems is more demanding and, most of the time, requires a professional to service them. Either way, On Golden Pond will make your pond shine.

On the left, you will see a pond with stepping stones leading into the living room area. Note how clean and crispy the water is.

"Build the largest koi pond you can afford"

This was an ongoing recommendation among ZNA SoCal members that Samuel heard over 15 years ago.

To this day many people decide to make their pond bigger and deeper since the advice given at the time of construction was limited to the contractor's usual practices such as ‘only’ liner ponds with rock bottom. We’ll expand on this on our pond construction page.

In these next two pictures, we show a koi pond we made deeper, secured the surrounding stones, and rebuilt the waterfall as we improved the filtration system for year-round water clarity and quality.

The picture above shows a pond that was buried and forgotten. Still, we brought it back to life, making it waterproof and retrofitting plumbing elements to ease the maintenance, including a complete filtration and lighting system.

And in this additional picture on the left, we feature a streambed and waterfall leaking like a sieve due to very intrusive roots from a tree nearby.

We removed the cause of the problem, installed a new liner protecting it from future root puncturing, and cemented and secured all the rockwork in streams and pond

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