Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is famous for its history, its bustling harbor, its world-famous horseshoe-shaped pier, miles of sand, and its unrivaled sunsets.
In this place, you can perform various activities such as eating in front of the sea in one of the best seafood restaurants in California, shopping in world-class stores in the South Bay Galleria, visiting museums to learn about the impressive history of the city, enjoy a picturesque and relaxing walk along the pier, from where you can appreciate beautiful panoramic views of the sea and live music almost every day of the week. For the adventurous, Redondo Beach offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as surfing, biking, sport fishing, boating, diving, whale watching, and kayaking.

Learn more about this area by visiting the City of Redondo Beach website here.

On Golden Pond is a local Pond and Fountain specialist. We provide all forms of pond and fountain construction, remodeling, and maintenance.

The picture on top shows a Fountain Construction for one of your Redondo Beach neighbors. This fountain was previously constructed by an “expert in ponds” landscaping company. Of course, nobody hires a contractor knowingly with the myriad of problems that time will expose. This oblivious contractor created a water feature with vinyl liner and a central flagstone piece that, after a few months, resembled the Tower of Pisa. What was supposed to be a relaxing Pond turned into a frustrating and stressful experience until our team took charge.

A complete overhaul took place, and concrete along with state-of-the-art waterproofing was the solid foundation in which this beautiful and relaxing Water Feature now sits. The image that follows is of a Koi Pond Maintenance for another of your Redondo Beach neighbors. Our team maintains this streambed nestled within an island of rocks and plants, and the waterfall brings the sounds to a Koi Pond downstream that greets the owner and visitors. You can have a pond and streambed built like this for you. We can help.

In the next two images, first, you will see a Redondo Beach Koi Pond Remodel followed by a Redondo Beach Koi Pond maintenance example. A water leak is the number one reason for a homeowner to upgrade his/her Koi Pond, Water Garden, or Fountain. Here is an example of a long stream bed that our team remodeled; notice the wildlife our ponds attract: a long-tailed bird, a couple of tortoises, and deer. Yes, they are fake, but they do add to the entire pond experience.  Next is a Koi Pond Service image that serves as an example that not all ponds are the same. Here you can see how a gold flagstone façade Fountain incorporates a natural Koi Pond.

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