Bel Air

Koi Pond Construction Bel Air

Bel Air

The narrow and curved streets distinctive of Bel-Air frame lush vegetation that in turn treasures the most ostentatious mansions, becoming a delight for any visitor. Another of the main tourist attractions is the Hanna Carter Japanese Garden, which has a great variety of tree species, streams, a waterfall, a tea house; also bridges and sanctuaries built in Japan, imported and traced to the garden. Learn more about this area by visiting the Bel-Air association website here.

On Golden Pond is a local Pond and Fountain specialist.  We provide all forms of pond and fountain construction, remodeling, and maintenance.

The picture on top shows a Koi Pond for one of your Bel-Air neighbors. This pond has a very natural pond look with lava rock and a tall waterfall. We updated the entire filtration system for this gem. The image that follows is of a Koi Pond Remodel for another of your Bel-Air neighbors. The Japanese Zen Garden feel of this pond creates a very soothing atmosphere. Our signature filtration system keeps the water clear and algae-free.

In the next two images, first, you will see a Bel-Air Koi Pond Remodel followed by a Bel-Air Fountain Maintenance example.  The first features a crystal-clear pond with minimal algae on the walls and water lily pads.  Next is a polished stone fountain surrounded by Mexican river rock of various sizes, lush bamboo trees that line the landscape, and garden ornaments such as a decorative stone and a sculpture.

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