Topanga stands out for its imposing mountain ranges, hiking, and bohemian atmosphere, making it one of the most unique communities in Los Angeles.
Among the most popular destinations in Topanga State Park is a beautiful green corner where you can watch the wonderful sunsets, attend sporting events, or simply enjoy the bars. On the other hand, there are incredible theaters. Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum stands out, an open-air theater surrounded by oak trees that offers wonderful theatrical performances emphasizing the classics, particularly Shakespeare.

Learn more about this area by visiting the Town of Topanga website here.

On Golden Pond is a local Pond and Fountain specialist that provides all forms of pond construction, pond remodeling, and maintenance.

The picture on top shows a Koi Pond for one of your Topanga neighbors. We are featuring what a mature Pond should look like: algae-free crystal-clear water, a fragile layer of algae covering walls and pond floor, and circulating water. This effect can only be achieved sustainably by using good husbandry practices, having the right filtration equipment, and using only environmentally safe products. Algaecides (chemical-based) should be avoided at all costs since they only bring havoc to the sensitive natural environment we aim to create for your pets and enjoyment.

The image that follows is of a Koi Pond Construction for another of your Topanga neighbors. The waterfall and steps combination works flawlessly and can transport you into the feeling of being in nature rock skipping. This waterfall leads into a Koi Pond, where natural rock is used to line the edges and continue the natural flow.

A Topanga Koi Pond maintenance example follows Topanga Koi Pond Remodel in the next two images. The first image is a stream bed part of a Koi Pond where rocks and natural plants soften and guide the clear water into the Koi Pond. Notice how the rock placement and selection mimic a creek you’ve seen before while hiking. Next is a Pond -very long and narrow- that houses a couple of Koi and welcomes you as you enter the patio area. The soothing waterfall sounds serve as the backdrop for your relaxation time while you sip on a hot beverage.

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