A beautiful lush water garden, a healthy koi pond, a clear mirroring lake, brimming sparkling water in a water feature… All these have in common are well-planned maintenance and a yearly service plan using eco products, and a proactive approach while paying attention to the day-to-day changing weather or unplanned circumstances that may arise.

We can help your company shine, and we’ll strive to work within your yearly budget with your goals in mind.

In this picture, you’ll see a koi pond within the Japanese garden of the Botanical Gardens in the South Bay area. We currently maintain this pond, and every year fish, plants, gravel, and rocks are removed and cleaned, except for the koi, which don’t like showers for some reason. Everything goes back in the pond afterward, and koi are acclimated and transferred back in the safest and less stressful way.

Commercial Pond Construction

The picture above shows Fiona’s (the hippo) home. When we were called to remodel this water feature the waterfalls were inoperable, the pond had a leak, and a couple pipes were creating an eye sore, the floor had many round rocks that kept on trapping the falling leaves, making maintenance very difficult.

This picture shows the work in progress of this same pond.   Notice, that the coping removal and re-installation made the overall pond aesthetics more natural looking. The end product? A pond that actually holds water, with three beautiful restored waterfalls and a happy Fiona.

Let’s move to the next pond. Notice the koi swimming vibrantly surrounded by lush bamboo trees, lotus and taro plants among others.

Although the bamboo in this fast-paced office building is such an attractive feature, it also creates a decent amount of leaves that end up in the pond as well as its surroundings.

Our goal is to provide full-service maintenance that entails bamboo leaves and twig removal, all the way to replanting water lilies, lotus, etc. and even feeding the koi on a regular basis. All that and more keeps this pond looking pristine most of the time, and the koi happy and healthy.

Here’s a picture showing this 30,000 Gallon koi pond

Our services extend to municipalities, businesses, and cities.

Our next picture shows a lake with a planktonic algae problem.

We had just installed two ultrasound algae control devices for Malibou Lakes.

Visit our sister company Ecological Algae Control for more information about our lake services such as aeration, bioaugmentation, ultrasound and vacuuming to name a few. 

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