Do you offer emergency visits?

We don’t only offer emergency visits; we actually include them in all of our recurring pond maintenance packages.

Do you use chemicals to treat my pond?

Our organic approach to pond service involves helping mother nature take care of herself. By keeping a tight pond service schedule, we can guarantee water quality and clarity, in return you will have a very happy and healthy pond and fish.

Give us a try for at least two months and see for yourself the On Golden Pond experience.

Do I need a cleanup?

Yes, cleanups happen once per year if you are a regular client of ours and biannually if you maintain the pond yourself.

We also require a pond cleanup before signing up for regular pond service, that way we know exactly what is in your pond (exploratory work) and we also know what is in your water.

With a fresh start we can guarantee an ideal environment for your pond.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I pay with a check for monthly pond maintenance service?

To ensure the best possible service, we chose to focus on your pond and your specific needs; by having an automated recurring billing system you have one less check to write, you save a stamp and the environment too while accumulating miles and points.

Do you offer once per month service?

The short answer is no, in the past we have offered it, but since there is some involvement in the upkeep by the homeowner between visits, we don’t have control over it and often enough the pond gets out of balance and at the end of the day we’re responsible for your pond’s well-being.

Do you charge for chemicals and additives for our pond service?

We believe in honesty and transparency, that is why every single month you’ll get a bill for regular service that includes dechlorinator, beneficial bacteria and an alternative algaecide.

Other companies jack up their seemingly low maintenance pricing by charging you separately for those.

Food, plants, lights, etc. will be billed separately.

How many koi can live in my pond?

This is such a great question I actually wrote a blog about it.

Just remember that those 20 beautiful koi swimming in your 1,000 gallon pond will soon grow, eat more and well… poop more.

Is concrete better than liner ponds?

Liner ponds last anywhere from 5 to 10 years as average before you experience any leak problems. The longest we have seen them last is 15 years. With a liner pond you are usually stuck with a skimmer and waterfall box as part of your entire pond filtrations system. This type of setup usually leaks within a few years and require constant fixing.

Having said that, there is a proper way to do liner ponds and a place for them when they’re protected from tree roots. But if you have a larger pond and the budget for it, go for concrete.

Our specialty is building concrete ponds of all shapes, sizes and styles, from formal to natural and everything in between. We line them with spray-on-liner technology and this way we can guarantee 15-year leak free ponds, but they last much longer than that.

Should I hire an experienced pond builder? My landscaper says he can build ponds…

Should you hire a massage therapist to diagnose diabetes? Probably not.

We all have our area of expertise, and I would not even consider an aquarium company to take care of my pond and even lees build it. Of course, they are knowledgeable about fish, but the tools and knowledge required for a pond is very different. We could do aquariums, including marine, but we choose to specialize so we can provide you with the best service possible.

A landscape contractor building a pond reminds me of a story where our client just wanted to have their pond built right, they (at that point) did not even care of how much it cost. They just wanted the endless nightmare to end.

Our recommendation is, pay the higher price and just pay it once, instead of paying it later in addition to your landscaping pond install fee.

Do you need a license to build a pond?

In the state of California, any body of water more than 18” of depth is considered a pool and a permit is required.

On Golden Pond holds a C-27 (Landscaping license) and a C-54 (Swimming pool building license) for your convenience.

Can I hire a contractor that is not insured?

Of course you can, but should you?

Let’s take a look at this scenario: Your contractor gets injured while working in your property. Who do you think will be held liable for his expenses?

Always hire fully bonded, insured and licensed contractors. We tick all the boxes.

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