Fountain Maintenance

Fountain Maintenance

Why do we love water features?

Well, most likely your stay in that boutique hotel sparked your interest when you saw the shimmering water moving seamlessly and you took that Instagram worthy photo, you love the soothing sound of water, or you simply enjoy natural waterfalls. Whichever is your story, we all love water, at least everyone reading through this website. We love the sound, the sun reflecting and shining into minute sparkles.

What we often don’t see is the work that takes place behind the scenes, work that is crucial for keeping the water crystal clear.

The picture on the left showcases a very welcoming fountain with a Chinese coin in the center and a bamboo spout, and the next image shows our team at work, detailing and putting the finishing touches for this formal fountain with crystal clear water.

Water features work at their peak with minimal maintenance when designed and constructed properly. How do we know what’s a proper design? Because our company started back in 2003 providing maintenance and remodel, always tweaking the systems, improving the filtration and plumbing elements to allow extended periods of time between maintenance visits while keeping the water clear.

Fountains and water features are meant to provide a relaxing experience, not a never-ending source of work and headaches. If you’re thinking about building a new water feature or if you have an existing fountain and would like to remodel it, make sure to contact us for an initial consultation.

The following picture showcases a disappearing fountain with rectangular stainless-steel spouts, while a funny looking metal heron guards it, waiting for that fish to appear.

And the next picture you can see a water wall feature using stone façade to create those soothing sounds drowning the street and surrounding noises.

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