The City of Brentwood is a charming and desirable community for residents and businesses alike.  The community has a storied history in agriculture and farming production. That tradition continues today even with the residential growth the City has experienced over the last several years.  Brentwood is best known for the late spring and summer months, where area farms are brimming with agri-tourists seeking out the latest stone fruits, corn, and cherries. Learn more about this beautiful area by visiting the City of Brentwood website here.

On Golden Pond is a local Pond and Fountain specialist.  We provide all forms of pond and fountain construction, remodeling, and maintenance.

The picture on top shows a Koi Pond for one of your Brentwood neighbors. This pond showcases a very natural pond with large boulders, tall cattails, and a large waterfall.   The image that follows is of a Koi Pond Construction for another of your Brentwood neighbors. The three-tiered Spanish fountain is the main center feature here. Even though it’s hard to tell by the picture, the depth is 4ft which is perfect to house koi. It features underwater recessed lighting and a complete filtration system that allows algae-free clean water year-round.

In the next two images, first, you will see a Brentwood Koi Pond Remodel followed by a Brentwood Koi Pond maintenance example.  The first features a crystal-clear pond with a set of waterfalls and water plants.  Next is a koi pond nestled in the wilderness of Mandeville Canyon. Notice that the depth keeps the koi safe from predators.

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