Our Process

Koi Pond Service Calabasas

Our Process

Step 1

We’d love to hear from you

Once you’re ready to design and build your pond or water feature, or perhaps have your pond cleaned up and set up regular maintenance, contact us. Having 18 years in the business, we know how important your pond and fish are for you. That’s why we’re invested in offering you a 5-star customer experience. Fill out the contact form or call us directly at (310) 922-5817. Aren’t you tired of contacting contractors to get their voicemail and hearing back from them 3 days or a week after, IF they decide to call you? We’ll call you back promptly. We’ll talk briefly about your project to understand better how we can help you. We’re going to ask you to send us a few pictures and dimensions to better understand what you want, in case you haven’t sent them already.

Step 2


Once we’ve seen your pictures and dimensions, we’ll talk over the phone and find out the best solution for your needs. When we have a plan of action and a clear picture, we’ll provide you with a free estimate over the phone. At this time, we can also set an appointment for an in-person consultation to confirm all the information provided. We’ll walk the pond or water feature with you during our visit, we want to make sure we didn’t miss anything during the phone consultation, and we’ll finalize the contract. You will soon receive the final quote.

Step 3


All the paperwork is now signed and the materials ordered, we’ll then put your project in our schedule and share a portal where you can see the progress and the different steps that need to take place to complete it.

Step 4


On the day your project is scheduled to start, you’ll meet with our project manager. Our foreman and the rest of the team will be present too. We do a pre-job walk-through to make sure your expectations and our job duties are in alignment.

When we start the job, expect all areas to be tidy up after finishing every day, our crew will work with the utmost efficiency and quality of craft to create a beautiful piece of art for you. One day before completing the job, we do a walkthrough and check off items in our checklist based on the scope of work.

Step 5


Once the project is complete, we’ll revisit the day after everything is done to make sure everything is running fine and see a big smile on your face. That smile is our satisfaction with a job well done. We’ll then proceed to issue a final invoice and receive payment. It is time to enjoy your brand new pond or water feature now!

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